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One Tough City

One tough city
In this city.

Danger zone, you feel it everywhere,
See it in the shadows creeping.
Borderline, the streets are not your own,
Taken over while you're sleeping.

Rise, and say your goodbyes,
Someone took another life.
Done, at the end of a gun.
Took away a flower, so new to the sun.

One tough city is just like another,
You're running away, or you're running for cover,
One tough city is just like the rest,
You're givin' it up, or they're taking the best

Look around, you see it every day,
Take a stand, the streets are bleeding!
Lord above, how can we live this way?
Every life must have some meaning!

Rise, and open your eyes,
As sirens wail, forever.
Cry, take the guns and the knives,
Put ?em in a pile, and melt them together!

One tough city etc.

Rise, and say your goodbyes,
Look through the tears in your eyes.

One tough city etc.

In this city.

One Tough City (Hamberg/Olszewski)
1989, 2005  ZENtunes All rights reserved.