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Ooh, Later, you can't talk about it now?
Ooh, Later, I gave all I can give - that's it! I'm outta here.

Eye to eye, face to face,
We've been here before, and we're not going any place.
Hand in hand, can't you see?
We're pretty together, until we disagree,

And we don't seem to take it any further,
Show a sign, or say the word any longer.
Tell me where I'll be tomorrow.

Ooh, Later, etc.

Head to head, heart to heart,
We're hangin' on, ?cause we don't know where to start.
Here again? This is the end.
I think you know - I hope you know!

That I just can't take it any more,
Don't know what you're looking for - did you ever?
The sun is gonna rise tomorrow.

Ooh, Later, etc.

I'm outta here,

You should have seen it comin'.
Now, I'm gonna have to do without you.

Ooh Later. 

Later (Hamberg/Olszewski)
1989, 2005  ZENtunes All rights reserved.