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A New Game

Tell me a story, I'll sing you a song,
We'll get high.
Tell me a story and I'll play along,
Read between the sighs.

Paint me a picture and I'll make the frame,
And I'll sign your name.
Paint me a picture and I'll make the numbers insane,
And we'll start a new game...

Tell me a story, I'll listen to you,
Side by side.
Just look around, take your eyes off the ground,
Open wide.

Give me a chance and I'll give you a dime,
For your thoughts, so lost.
Give me a chance, I might not give the answers you need,
Just the same, a new game.

Tell me a story, I'll tell you one too,
And you'll be surprised.
Look at my face, at the lines clearly traced,
To my quiet eyes.

I'll give you a chance, if you'll give me a sign
That you're there, you're there.
I need you too, and I just don't get through,
All the same, we can start a new game, new game, a new game.

A New Game (Hamberg/Olszewski)
1992, 2005  ZENtunes All rights reserved.